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Flea Markets
Estate Sales
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Royal Doulton Toby Jugs

You’ve all been to auctions, antique malls and flea markets and you have all seen the characters associated with these.  There is Robin Hood, Don Quixote as well as Anne Boleyn and Admiral Nelson.  Startlingly lifelike are Toby Jugs made by the Royal Doulton pottery and porcelain factory in England.


Dumb Mikey Wins a Prize

Mikey was at McDonald’s the other day and purchased his favorite, a supersized hamburger happy meal. While sitting enjoying his meal, he notices that the cup that holds his milk has a peel-off prize sticker on the side.  After pulling the tab, Mikey starts yelling, “I won a motor home!! I won a motor home!!” 


Gold Coin Auction – Record Price

A gold coin collection belonging to Phillip H. Morse, an executive of the famed Boston Red Socks organization was recently sold at auction by Heritage Galleries & Auctioneers in Dallas and brought in a record $19.2 million.  The collection consisted of over 214 early 20th century U.S. gold coins.  Three of these coins realized a price of over $1 million each.

Etch a Sketch to a New Level

I was reminiscing the other day about being a kid and not having a care in the world and playing with my toys.  One such toy I remember getting one Christmas from my Aunt Lucy in New Jersey was an Etch a Sketch.  I remember playing with that toy for hours, trying to “draw” animals and cars and such.  The catch to this toy was that you had to be creative, because it was not like drawing on paper where you could lift your pencil; you had to draw with one continuous line.  This is a difficult process at best, unless your name is George Vlosich III.


Upcoming Estate Sales

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December 1, 2005
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Upcoming Antique Shows & Flea Markets

NOVA-Antiques.com provides the most comprehensive antiques show and flea market calendar for the Mid Atlantic region.

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Vintage Photos - Time Tales

Many of us have gone to antique shows or flea markets and have come across old pictures of someone’s relatives. These pictures can be of any various themes, old people, young people, and places and just about anything.  In 2003, photographer Astrid Van Loo and web designer, Dick Dijkman decided that these photos needed a place to be displayed and the Time Tales website was born. 

Time Tales now has a collection of what they call “found photos” and they have categorized them into 5 time periods: pre-1930, 1930-1950, 1950-1970, 1970-1990 and 1990-present.  The nice thing about this site is that anyone can submit their own “found photos.” All photos are displayed with nothing more than the finders name, place and year it was found.  The only other thing that may be displayed is any writing on the back of the photo.


The coins in Mr. Morse’s collection were originally designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt in the early 1900’s and are considered by most collectors as some of the most beautiful coins ever minted.  The most famous of these coins is the Double Eagle coin that was first issued in 1907.  It was one of these coins that brought in the highest bid of $2.9 million.


Upcoming Auctions

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Mr. Vlosich has taken Etch a Sketch drawing to a higher level and it all started in 1989 when on a trip to Washington D.C., he started drawing the U.S. Capitol on his Etch a Sketch.  He has now been perfecting his method of art and has been featured on many television programs to include, Inside Edition and American Journal as well on many news programs on all the major networks.  He has created portraits of many different celebrities to include, President Clinton, Elvis Presley and the cast of the Andy Griffith Show. His works, which can take anywhere from 50 to 70 hours to produce, are just unbelievable.  To see examples of his work, please click here.

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Amberina  Glass

These great collectible Toby Jugs were in fact the brainchild of Charles J. Nokes who thought it would be fun to generate smiles on the weary faces of travelers stopping in at the inns and taverns during The Great Depression.  Some of these great Toby Jugs, who were named after Toby Fillpot, of drinking song fame, are not only unusual but very pricey to collect.  Some of the more expensive are the smaller, 1.5” salesman samples that were discontinued in 1960.

Atlantique City Antiques Show

Known to many as “The Big One,” The Atlantique City Antiques & Collectibles Show will celebrate its two decades of offering the best market for vintage treasures on the planet.  The celebration will be held this year on March 25-26, 2006 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.  The show hours for this event will be 10 am to 7 pm on Saturday and 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday.  This market is sponsored by the Antique Trader Magazine and will feature over 1000 booths.  For more information on this Antique Market, please contact the show’s management at 1-800-526-2724 or write an email to info@atlantiquecity.com

The attendant runs over and tells Mikey, “Sir, you couldn’t have won a motor home, that wasn’t one of the prizes offered.”  But Mikey keeps insisting, “No, no, no . . . I won a motor home.”  So the manager comes out from around the counter and he tries to tell Mikey that a motor home was not one of the prizes.  Mikey is still adamant, “No, no, no . . . look at my ticket.” The manager looks at the tab and reads, “Win a Bagel.”